When I look around

I see the physical creation

Here I gaze upon, people, animals and vegetation

It is good.

I cannot help but wonder

How beautiful it will be

when physical things will pass

and spiritual we’ll be

The order and the laws of this world

I can see in natures ways

The laws will be the same

but the order, indeed will change

The vicious will not prey

on the weak and docile kind

They will dwell with each other

This will come in time

People will not cry

Hate will cease to be

For God knows when this will happen

He didn’t tell me

I know there is a purpose

For all He has in store

For if I knew the day

My faith would be no more



When you were born and I held you close

Put your hand in mine and whispered I love you.

I meant it.

I meant it so much, you’re my beautiful girl.

I really wish I could just give you the world

To show you how much you mean to me.

Now I don’t see you every day.

But my love for you will never go away.

I want you to know this Jess,

From the bottom of my heart

I love you so much,

I did from the start.


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