Stand-up and say I’ve had enough of this life

I want something better, I’ve held tight to too much strife

My eyes have been hurting from tears closed within

I just want to cry and to begin again


It start with the courage to bring good into your life

To stop pointing a finger at the one who threw the knife

Which sits in your back as you tend to it so

And hurts you and beats you down

They’ve got you, you know.


It’s called self-love and healing your life

You can be much better and share what you’ve learned from your strife

a bridge can be built and a walk can be shared

And all that is yonder can be most of all, repaired


You’ve been so alone 

Don’t you yearn for a friend?

Someone walking by you, Hand in hand?


It could be a father, a mother, a spouse

Or is it your brother, sister; the words from their mouth

Hurtful words spoken so many years ago

Let go of that hurt and start loving, to grow


When you have the courage to live life anew

The things that will come with inspire you and others too

Look at the world as a beautiful place

Where you can emerge as a new person with grace


-Jacquelynn 2014


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