Green Oasis



Of all the things there are to see

I think something green means a lot to me

Green is a color of newness and growth

In nature it is the color of youth

A seedling stretching up to the sun

Not knowing the journey it has now begun

To nestle within its lifelong home

Of dirt so nutritious and homegrown

Finding itself so happy to be

A part of the earth for you and me

And each year that passes it grows so strong

Through seasons of freezing, though thriving, now belongs

And stretches its branches wide and free

As a gentle reminder of what we all can be

And a lovely sight as you gaze at it so

Along your travels, away you go.



I wrote this simple poem after our beautiful hike today. I was thankful for the plentiful greenery we feasted our eyes on. Nature is not only beautiful, but inspiring. Enjoy.





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