Who can say?

Who can say he knows how many days are left

Until he drifts away to sleep just after his last breath

And quickly to follow will be a glorious time

Where He will appear at last and there will be no time.


And then we live forever, in perfect peace

Not worrying or wanting in the least

In this physical life, which was created, until then

How do we live knowing the hope we have therein?

Can we hold our possessions loosely and free our minds of sin…

Oh how we look back wards and wish we could have been

something that we weren’t, we failed, we fall short of Him


How do we let go and know there is a reason

That all things were put her for a season

We learn

We grow

We let go each day

And look to things that are greater


Hoping we can stand and say

That life is not a rehearsal

And days are finite still

To love and laugh and play

These qualities are what we till


-Jacquelynn (2013)


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