Look Within

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Driving down the road today

A song  resounded strong

A voice of hope

That we could still be free

Free from judging

 becoming hopeful and kind

leaving our hate


Why do we use Christ’s words

To hurt this world we’ve been given?

We are not God

We are merely


 We each have a choice

To love one another this day

He called us to live our lives

His way

To look within our Heart

Deeply & intently

Be still

Our only hope

disdain and hate

has only brought pain

who is the man in the mirror?

look there for peace & joy

Be forgiving




We will find Him there.

He could come now

If He saw fit

But what would we learn?

That stones are easily cast

Our hearts




Be Still 

little hearts

Let good be the first response

Anger  & disdain are a bore

Look Inward & Own



Project no judgement

On others who Do not measure up

Doing this will make us stronger

We won’t be looking at one another

We’ll be looking up.



When I look around

I see the physical creation

Here I gaze upon, people, animals and vegetation

It is good.

I cannot help but wonder

How beautiful it will be

when physical things will pass

and spiritual we’ll be

The order and the laws of this world

I can see in natures ways

The laws will be the same

but the order, indeed will change

The vicious will not prey

on the weak and docile kind

They will dwell with each other

This will come in time

People will not cry

Hate will cease to be

For God knows when this will happen

He didn’t tell me

I know there is a purpose

For all He has in store

For if I knew the day

My faith would be no more


When you were born and I held you close

Put your hand in mine and whispered I love you.

I meant it.

I meant it so much, you’re my beautiful girl.

I really wish I could just give you the world

To show you how much you mean to me.

Now I don’t see you every day.

But my love for you will never go away.

I want you to know this Jess,

From the bottom of my heart

I love you so much,

I did from the start.


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Eternal Parent


16x20 water

You are my eternal parent

This I know to be true

Because the ones you gave to me in this life

Didn’t quite know what to do


They did the best they could

With the wild hearts that led

All the hurt & pain they had

Led them astray and wounded many instead


With a grateful heart

I long to be much more

If one day you give us a child

I’ll uphold your character & hold true to what is in store


And so this life is a challenge

Like a child with wounded knee

You bandage me up so gently

And send me off with urgency to be me


My hope is with you always

I am grateful for this confidence I see

Because you are my eternal parent

As your child, I am loved & free.






Stand-up and say I’ve had enough of this life

I want something better, I’ve held tight to too much strife

My eyes have been hurting from tears closed within

I just want to cry and to begin again


It start with the courage to bring good into your life

To stop pointing a finger at the one who threw the knife

Which sits in your back as you tend to it so

And hurts you and beats you down

They’ve got you, you know.


It’s called self-love and healing your life

You can be much better and share what you’ve learned from your strife

a bridge can be built and a walk can be shared

And all that is yonder can be most of all, repaired


You’ve been so alone 

Don’t you yearn for a friend?

Someone walking by you, Hand in hand?


It could be a father, a mother, a spouse

Or is it your brother, sister; the words from their mouth

Hurtful words spoken so many years ago

Let go of that hurt and start loving, to grow


When you have the courage to live life anew

The things that will come with inspire you and others too

Look at the world as a beautiful place

Where you can emerge as a new person with grace


-Jacquelynn 2014

Another person’s love





Sometimes you can learn from another persons love

By observing you can see clearly they weren’t able to live fully

until they had this gentle tug

On their heart


This joy of their life which makes their weary body

Rejuvenated  and Open this has become their sole hobby

If the scholars could, they would study this unseen wonder

And learn, they are truly asunder


Sometimes you can learn from another person’s love

It gives them the spark to be on this earth for a short time

Creating the lines of a story which embodies something divine

A story of true service, of looking out for their special one

Their actions, a song of tenderness & dedication


If we follow these examples of love 

We may find ourselves an inspiration for the world to finally see

That love is not just a word but a resounding expression

that creates a place of purpose for each in their succession


Sometimes you can learn from another persons love

Like a sweet sweet sound are their professions of concern

A melody so gentle and special; all can see

They spend each waking moment to make their beloved 

All they can be



Our of our dear friends is experiencing a trial with his wife’s health. I was inspired by his true dedication to her care. Life is truly short. Enjoy.